How to Be Cool When No one is watching but the cat…

1. Drink a beer while getting good news on the phone from your very wonderful literary agent.
2. Spill the beer accidentally while taking notes during the phone call.
3. Watch in horror as beer seeps toward beloved and battered iBook laptop and -good g-d, no!!!! – manuscript pages.
4. Grab a shirt from the couch (don’t ask) and wipe up beer puddle while talking business.
5. Say nothing about multi-tasking as you perform these note-taking, beer-wiping, shirt-ruining activities.

Wonder what serial commas have been missed in the above.

And please, please, go to the AJC protest FOR me on Thursday, Atlantans. I teach a screenwriting lab that day.
Here’s the link for info on the protest so you know what to do and
thanks to Lizzie Skurnick’s “Old Hag” for the link to the National Book Critics’ Circle site.

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