Good Rocky’s Revival

Six o clock this morning, a cousin to this guy (I’m presuming the gender) was on my porch. Drinking from the cat dish. I told him he was gorgeous (through the window. He’s gorgeous, but I’m not dumb enough to try and touch him.) Raccoon came up to the window, put paws on sill, looked back at me. Smart like a dog. (Raccoon, not me.)

An outstanding way to start a long day. (For me, not the raccoon. I figure the raccoon went back to wherever and went to sleep.)


Jack Pendarvis

Hey, Jessica! This has nothing to do with raccoons, sorry! It has everything to do with your keen interest in celebrity sightings, though. It’s the greatest one ever! I saw Bruce Springsteen shopping at A Cappella Books, I’m not kidding. Yep, it was just me and the Boss, browsing. Oh, and his many helpers. Okay, so long!


It’s a dang good bookstore, and a lefty one, too. It’s exactly where Bruce and his posse would shop. Posse was security, maybe? Assistant?


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