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I got a text message (via M’s phone) in Hebrew today. I’m sure it happens in Israel a lot, but here in hipster-ville East Atlanta, not so much.

Here is the message.

Mzl tv

Cracked me up, anyway.

I don’t allow my students to write papers using txtmsg English, because then I get words like U and 2dy, which sound in my head like what Scooby Doo said (yoo???) with an inquisitive head-tilt, and “toady,” which isn’t what anyone means. And not allowing this improves (ideally) proofreading and self-editing skills.

Still, mzl tv was funny. And it wasn’t from a student.

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I read halfway thru your blog today and then I got hung up on the “way back” archives. Oh, my, God! You know, Jeff used to work at the scene. Grandma and I had to wait for the 16 Noble in front of the Zebra Lounge every time we went to Davisons. Walking to the bus stop, it was a toss up whether to watch the door of the lounge
,for Go-Go Dancers, or the HUGE neon Coca-Cola sign over the Russell Stover candy store. Your blog is great; very entertaining.
Keep up the good work.


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