Reveal Yourself, Narrative Urge artist!

So, you may recall that last week I blogged about the “Follow Your Narrative Urge” mystery letters ? Me and my big mouth. Or keyboard. I got a letter too, and the freaky thing is, I got it at work.. (Gasp!)

Here is a picture of the overall missive.

While it’s not too hard to figure out where I work, I don’t have it on my website, so, you mystery person, you either know me, are a former or current student at this particular institution of higher learning, or, I dunno, met me somewhere and I was running my mouth.

I read the note and the clipping in class today. (Yes, the clipping. If you’re reading this, mystery person, you can just imagine…) I did it to encourage the awesomeness of participatory art.

You continue to rock.

June 1st UPDATE. The $10 Art Mystery Now has a Wiki page. Follow the escapes and for heaven’s sake, help figure out who’s the participatory public art puppetmaster!


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