In which Vanity Fair magazine’s book editor calls “Braving the Fire” wise. (Swoon)

Vanity Fair Hot Type Jessica HandlerSo this morning I sent an email to the book’s publicist giving her a link to WABE-FM’s “City Cafe” piece about the book launch this weekend. “Thank you,” she wrote back. “Did you know Braving the Fire is in “Vanity Fair” this month?” (I’m paraphrasing, but she was just about that calm.)

“What the what?” I asked the computer, using the Tina Fey as Liz Lemon expression that I love so much.

“Do you want me to send you a scan?” the nice publicist emailed.

Seeing as how I was still in my pajamas and sweatshirt (i.e. writing attire) and not prepared to go in search of a print copy until I had showered, dressed, and eaten a food product, I agreed as how she could.

You can read it here. Vanity Fair_ Jan 2014 . Best part? A “wise and encouraging guide to putting one’s grief on the page.”


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