Thank you notes

I could tell you about the wonderfully fun Atlanta launch party for Braving the Fire. I could tell you about the leftover candy and wine that M. and I ate the next day, because even with all those people there someone was kind enough to put aside a bottle of wine and some holy-moley get these away from me sea salt caramels. I could tell you about my friend C., who’s going to make me actually firewalk as a book launch gift. (Yes, you can apparently buy gift certificates for this.) StJudeGrottoThxNoLA

Or I could tell you about the spontaneous thank you notes I’ve gotten this week from readers, telling me stunningly nice things about how Braving the Fire is helping them write, or helping them see why they haven’t been writing and how they can, or helping them (a little bit) brave their own fires.

There is not one “thank you” note big enough from me.



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