I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on the drums all day

My friend P., aimages drummer and a writer and a dad, is going to plug his ears and introduce me to a drum kit. (The dialogue will be as follows:

P: Jessica, this is a drum kit.

ME: (grabbing sticks and flailing) HI DRUM KIT!

He’s agreed to do this because I’ve agreed to participate in Ladies’ Rock Camp. Why? Because my friend A. talked me into it. Because I played guitar for years and years, as in “sometimes even in public,” and CAN NOT play at all anymore. Whatever talent I had, or perseverance, or callouses, are just gone.

I can still sing, however. But what I really want to do is try my hand (hands?) at drumming.

Wish me luck.

PS. In case you’re a rock and roll purist (as I am) yes, I know the title of this post references a Todd Rundgren song, and this is a picture of Ringo Starr.

PPS. Ringo Starr is a really great drummer. Don’t argue with me or I will hit you with my rhythm stick.

PPPS. Yeah, I know that’s Ian Drury.


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