Rituals, or, “I’m not eating that!”

I made beans and greens this morning, because I live in Georgia, and I am from Georgia, and that’s what we eat on New Year’s day! As I imageschopped the (organic) collard greens, and sauteed the (vegan) sausage, I thought about the section in Braving the Fire where I wrote about rituals and how they help us make sense of our lives, even when the rituals themselves don’t actually make sense. (I mean really, eating greens won’t get you money, and collard greens don’t look like money, and beans and luck I don’t get except they’re protein which is good for you.)

But I like ritual for the sake of ritual. I bring salt and bread to friends’ new homes. I turn knives facing inward (long story.) I say keynanhora a fair amount, which doesn’t go with beans and greens, culturally. Except if you read Shalom Y’all, you’ll know that it does.

All this is to say Happy New Year. Turn over a new leaf, or a collard green, and write about what’s good, what’s troublesome, what new leaves you’re turning over. And then face a new page: I guarantee it will welcome you.

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