Gummy worms, Bloody Marys, and in-home karaoke

I have got to learn to take photographs. Like, for instance, of the gummy worm* in Jennifer Niesslein’s drink at a fancy outdoor porchy kind of tapas place in Charlottesville, where she so generously rounded up five, count ’em, five writers after hours during the Virginia Festival of the Book. Jennifer is the editor of the outstandingly smart FullGrownPeople lit mag, and she’s been on my side since before Invisible Sisters was born. She’s partly responsible for that memoir coming to fruition, so blame it on her.

This led to karaoke, a statement which, when written here, reads like a confession.I have committed karaoke.
Not well, but enthusiastically.

The best book festivals are the ones where 1)the fantastic host bookstore, in this case, New Dominion Books, sells out of Braving the Fire. (wowee, y’all, thank you!) 2)I get to see friends (see above) and 3)I get to see more friends, namely brunch with Paul Guest and his fiancee June. Here is a little glimpse of Paul’s mind-cracking poetry. Please see/read/eat/relish more of it.

A waiter walked by with a tray of Bloody Marys at brunch, but I was so tired and pleased that admiring them was enough.

Please remind me to get the cell phone out of the messenger bag – the giant travel purse – and take a photo of the dang gummy worms next time!images

* representative image. Gummy worm in drink not for girly-drinkness, but because, as Jennifer pointed out, it was the THEME of the drink. The drink was called “the secret garden.” Gardens have worms.

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Jennifer Niesslein

Thanks, sweets! And just to underscore that I’m not a girl-drink drunk, the cocktail *was* called The Secret Garden, after all!


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