On making an ofrenda and trying to be two places at once

I am an irresponsible blogger lately. My last post was a month ago, and I promised, swore, made an agreement with myself, choose your phrasing, to blog weekly. Keep up the correspondence, so to speak. Have an internet presence.

I used to be so, so organized. Back when I worked as a production manager for big, expensive television shows and time was pretty much the same thing as money, oh, man was I organized. Three ring binders, multi-colored pens, four people on speakerphone at once, that sinking feeling that I needed to be on the set and in the editing suite and in a meeting at the same time… just imagining it again now makes me want to throw up and cry at the same time. And hit someone because they were walking too slowly or talking too slowly or thinking too slowly…


I am so glad not to be that person anymore.


But there’s a trade off, which is that I slack off. Or am merely human.

shilshole In the space of a single week last week, I was on Puget Sound one Sunday and Tybee Island the following Sunday. This photo is of Shilshole Beach on Puget Sound. Very cold outside. Very happy with my friends R. and E., with whom I escaped the cruise-ship of sneezes, coughs, fevers, and apparently stomach bug, too, that was this year’s AWP. I spent two of three conference days sleeping in my room at the Sheraton Seattle, which means VERY EXPENSIVE FLU.  But I did get to see some friends before we germed each other, and attend some readings and book signings. If you want to read insider play by play about the sessions and panels, Dinty W. Moore rounded up many many people to report on it for the Brevity blog. I would have, if I hadn’t been ASLEEP and SNEEZING on the 24th floor of the Sheraton Seattle. Instead, I’m reading about all the fun and smartness other people had.


Oh, and Malaprop’s in Asheville the week before that. Malaprop’s, you slay me. You are a delicious bookstore in a thrilling town, and you do things like provide paper and pens for people in my workshop. There were MANY people in the workshop!
In TWO weeks, my online course in “Writing the Tough Stuff” starts over here at CreativeNonfiction.org. Apparently, one section is full, so come on and start a second section. Why not? We can all be in our homes, on our interwebs.

Tomorrow, a craft project. I will post a photo when it’s done. (I am terrible at crafts.) My friend Kate Sweeney is throwing a launch party for her new book American Afterlife, and she’s asked me to make an ofrenda for one of the tables. The ofrenda will be an offering to my mother’s memory. I’ve compiled a lot of things I want to use, and am currently tearing the house apart trying to remember where I put her Brandeis University 50th anniversary name tag, which had a photo of her beautiful self from college. Things are good, though. I have her Nantasket Beach banner.

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Florencia Ruiz Mendoza

I am very pleased to see a picture of an ofrenda in your blog. As A Mexican I understand the deep meaning and impotance of being connected with the loved oneson those especial days, when the ofrenda is on.


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