In which I am professorial, or, friends in Athens

Last week I went to Athens, Ga. I was nearly late, because I was doing something on my computer like grading or answering emails or not Facebooking, but I MADE IT and noticed I was nearly out of gas BUT NOT UNTIL I GOT THERE.


You can’t tell from this that I was nervous.  BlcJsCYCUAAVjpf

(Thanks, nice dude named John who took this picture!)

The UGA Grady College of Journalism invited me to talk about how a reporter can write the tough stuff. Some of the folks there are health journalists, which means they cover policy, science, and community approaches and responses to health care. Which means I am their #1 fan.

When the talk was done and I was still nervous, I got to go play with a standard poodle. That means as much to me as health journalism.


And then I got some gasoline in my car (it’s got eco-boost!) and went to teach my undergrads (of whom I am also a fan) in Atlanta.



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