Pinterest, or, I never thought I was “that kind of girl.”

I lost 20 pounds, mostly from not eating what my mom was eating when she was eating it, to make her feel less like she was eating ice cream and chocolate covered fruit and pasta salad and whatever she wanted so she’d keep some weight on. I was keeping some weight on, too, and one of us (me) didn’t really need it.

So now I wear smaller sized underwear and I also cut off a foot and a half of hair (which was probably about five pounds right thecompositere) and then I was in Boston and went to Fluevog because I always do with my friend Mersh and she had sense but I coughed up some serious dollars I don’t have on a pair of RED mini babycakes (see photo) and now I’m interested in style.

So I made a Pinterest board for “shoes and clothes.” I already have one for images of the maybe next book, but I’m also obsessively pinning pictures of things like skinny jeans on my other Pinterest board.

I didn’t think I was that kind of girl.


Jessica Handler

They are. I had a splurge-insanity moment but they’re worth it. Non-boot related, I’ve been thinking of you.


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