On not getting picked for teams

FGP-GH1-coverthumbI never ever got picked for anything at recess, or, to be Southern about it, I ‘never got picked for squat.’  This is because I was sullen and a weird combination of agonizingly shy and astonishingly aggressive. So, in Red Rover, when a team captain or a player or a mean girl or who-the-hell ever was supposed to call out “Red Rover, Red Rover, let [name] come over,” my name was always the last resort. The very last. As in “maybe the bell will ring for us to go back to class and we won’t have time to call her,” which was fine with me, because I way preferred being smart in class to being useless on the playground. (And what were we being called over for, exactly?)

(Yes, this was before Title IX.) Slightly.

Which means that as an adult, when I do get picked for teams I am overjoyed! (Consider poor Sally Field, who will be followed to the grave with her heartrendingly genuine moment of “they like me!” Kind of like that. Tell it, Sally!)

All this to say I got picked for a team, and I didn’t even have to throw a ball or catch one or dodge one or whatever people do with them.

Full Grown People’s anthology will be out tomorrow, and editor Jennifer Niesslein called my name. Along with Marcia Aldrich’s, Suzanne Van Atten’s, Randy Osborne’s, Jill Talbot’s, Sonya Huber’s…. this is quite a team, y’all. We’ll beat you in writing recess.

Want to order the book? You can! Right here!



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