Forgive me for my slackitude, but this is a THING!

Forgive me for my slackitude, but I’ve been grading papers. For those of you who grade papers, you know the mountainous thing of which I speak.

But while I wasn’t grading papers (which I sometimes do on airplanes, if the seat back in front of me isn’t in my ribs) I went to St. Louis, to the Association of Personal Historians conference. Because my friend Audrey introduced me to her friend Sarah (pictured here, not with Audrey, but with me) and Sarah is a Personal Historian so she invited me to come speak at the conference. (I have selfie-face in this picture. She does not.)

And boy howdy am I glad I did. You know how it is when you find a bunch of people APHall interested in the very same things you’re interested in, but they have terminology for it, like “legacy materials,” or “video shares?” That is an excellent moment, when that happens. Or you meet someone like Sue Hessel, who wrote a very helpful book, with spaces for thoughts and margin notes, about how to face your child’s life story when that life is too short.

I talked about how to help others write their difficult stories. The folks in my workshop – they could have taught me.



Stephanie Nichols

Jessica, I was one of the lucky people who learned from you in St. Louis. I confess I am *just now* going through my conference notes (yeah, I know), and was reminded of how wonderful your workshop was. I gained so much in just 90 minutes, wow. Wearing my hat as APH’s education director, I had approached you about the possibility teaching online for the association. Let me know if you’d like to follow up on that idea!

Jessica Handler

Stephanie, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and believe me, I take about three months to even clean out my briefcase after a conference, so no worries. Will backchannel email you via your gmail address re: online teaching.


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