On Indies First, and winter

I’m pulling copy from A Cappella Books here, because Clara wrote this interview with me and managed to pull coherent thoughts from my head.

Indies First is a personal reminder of the role independent businesses play in contributing to the life of a vibrant community. When you buy your books from an independent bookstore, not only are you supporting your neighbor’s livelihood, you’re buying books from people who share your tastes, who stock books you want to read, and who love books, reading, and your community, because they’re a part of that same community. Looking for friends? Go into an independent bookstore, buy a book, and talk books with the folks who work there. You’re guaranteed to connect with like minded people. 

Indies First, y’all. Buy your holiday presents on 11/29 at stores that are registered as Small Business Saturday stores (and get some kind of % off your Amex card if you do, but register first.) I’ll be at A Cappella, at Charis, and at Eagle Eye, because my dream is to break the space-time continuum, and I shop regularly at – and love – each of these stores. Mi esposo, Mickey Dubrow, a.k.a. the Mysterious Allan Kemp, urban fantasy author of “The Black Phoenix” and “Hagar’s Tears” and Atlanta Comic-Con favorite will be sharing the love at Bound To Be Read Books in East Atlanta Village.

And here’s a picture of what things look like around Castle Yonder.




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