What if I blogged again and told you about a grilled cheese sandwich?

Which is exactly what I am doing now, blogging about a grilled cheese sandwich.

I am between books (mine) my semester is a week from over (two schools) and my summer stretches before me, so I will BLOG again because blogging is writing.

Last week I had a grilled cheese sandwich that took me back. Waaay back. The cheese was probably a Kraft single (so it’s really vegetable oil, food coloring, and some dessicated dairy product) the tomato slice was just that, and the bread? White bread, baby, cooked on a griddle.th

I was in Gulfport, Mississippi, with my friend Neil White, and he took me to Triplett-Day drugstore’s LUNCHEONETTE.

Which could have been a still from the Twilight Zone episiode “Next Stop, Willoughby.” You know the one where the overworked guy takes a commuter train back to an idyllic childhood America? (No strife, no racism, no sexism, no economic downturn…).

Eating that grilled cheese sandwich, I could have been cross-legged in a sundress in front of our black and white Zenith teevee, watching “Dark Shadows” after school.

It was a damn good grilled cheese sandwich.


Neil White

And a good time was had by all . . . as it always is in Gulfport, Mississippi (especially for those who heard your brilliant insights at the Write and Publish Your Book workshop).

I realize your head was spinning (that’s what 40 years of time travel does to a first timer), but did you tell them the proprietor’s name was Poem? And that you had a nice moment with a gentleman who fought at the Battle of the Bulge? And that you met mini-skirt clad classmate of mine who is now a Presbyterian minister? And that a Circuit Court judge sat down next to you — a stranger — and proceeded to flirt until you left the premises? Details, Jessica . . . details.


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