I went to Maine and I drew pictures

I went to Maine and I drew some pictures. Badly. I also wore wraps and long sleeves. Well. I made a drawing of a dessicated crab (oh, wait, that was Coney Island.) I made an attempt at drawing the cliff face at Otter Point. My point is that I was trying – am trying – to see differently, more than just in my head and translated quickly into words. This initiative is partly due to my reading of Lynda Barry’s “Syllabus” in which she suggests a daily diary not only of written words of narrative, but of overheard things and the generation of one quick drawing every day.


Oh, workshop students of mine this summer, you will experience this with me. Maybe as a warm up exercise, maybe as a random “drop and give me writing” moment. Be aware!


Here is Otter Point, Maine, not in my hand, but in historical view. th

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