In front of the camera is unusual…

SuperluxShootI’ve been behind the scenes on film and video shoots for so long. My 1st career (is that  even still a thing?) was in television production, first as a production coordinator, then a production manager, then a post-production supervisor, with some stops as a production assistant, a 2nd assistant director, and other fill-ins as needed. This means that when I’m in front of the camera, as I was last night, I can still throw around fancy jargon like “room tone” and “b-roll” and “pick ups.”

My friends at Superlux in Atlanta and I made a video for Invisible Sisters. Here’s a picture. We also talked about my tattoos. All this to celebrate the book’s paperback release! (The video will be on my new website, which you’ll see soon.)

What’s this about a paperback edition of Invisible Sisters? Is there a discount code for preorders? Why yes, there is!


In other news, see you on September 5th at the Decatur Book Festival!

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