New Writers

Judging a contest inspires me as a writer. I have so much good work to choose from, much of which I admire and want to emulate in my own work! And yet, I have so few spots to fill. Congratulations to these writers whose work crossed my desk in the course of the AWP Intro…

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Double duty

Question: When is an e-newsletter like a blog post? Answer: Now.


In front of the camera is unusual…

I’ve been behind the scenes on film and video shoots for so long. My 1st career (is that  even still a thing?) was in television production, first as a production coordinator, then a production manager, then a post-production supervisor, with some stops as a production assistant, a 2nd assistant director, and other fill-ins as needed….

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Good news for archival image dorks like me

The venerable British Library has made thousands of archival images available online, for free. They’re PD – I’m so excited about this that I’m resorting to using copyright jargon. PD is “public domain.” You and I are the public. The images are now in our domain. This one’s in my domicile, because I completely dork…

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I went to Maine and I drew pictures

I went to Maine and I drew some pictures. Badly. I also wore wraps and long sleeves. Well. I made a drawing of a dessicated crab (oh, wait, that was Coney Island.) I made an attempt at drawing the cliff face at Otter Point. My point is that I was trying – am trying –…

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If I cleaned my desk…

If I cleaned off my desk (and the floor, and the piles of papers and books wedged sideways into the three, count ’em, three, walls of bookshelves in my studio, would I make any overtures toward the first steps in planning out a book that’s scratching at my thoughts? Would I need Charles Atlas to…

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