No rules, or lamenting and looking forward at the same time, in Psychology Today

January’s tough. And there was phenomenal fog over Candler Park the night of my book launch. And somewhere, a recording of ‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple’  played, muted by the dampness. All of which led to this, from me, in Psychology Today, about noticing the birthdays of loved ones who have died.

Rituals, or, “I’m not eating that!”

I made beans and greens this morning, because I live in Georgia, and I am from Georgia, and that’s what we eat on New Year’s day! As I chopped the (organic) collard greens, and sauteed the (vegan) sausage, I thought about the section in Braving the Fire where I wrote about rituals and how they…

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Thank you notes

I could tell you about the wonderfully fun Atlanta launch party for Braving the Fire. I could tell you about the leftover candy and wine that M. and I ate the next day, because even with all those people there someone was kind enough to put aside a bottle of wine and some holy-moley get…

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The newspaper says…

Helena Olivieros at the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote this really nice piece about Braving the Fire. And I made fun of one of my elementary-school diaries, but then we got serious about how to write about the tough stuff during the holiday season. Take a peek!