This website is old and tired. Despite rumors to the contrary, I am not.

This website is old and tired. It’s hard to navigate, and it doesn’t adequately tell you about MY NEW BOOK without completely losing sight of  MY OTHER BOOK Plans are afoot. PS. This cat is not old, but she is tired. It’s Alice, one of our cats. Who doesn’t love a picture of sleeping cat?

On losing a sister and looking for togetherness

Did you read  this by the amazing Kimberly Brock?  Everyone’s story of loss is unique to them; the people and places (and parts of themselves) that they grieve are their own, but we are often so similar and connected in what we want from our lives after loss and how we try to get there.

What’s the what next weekend in Atlanta?

This – the largest independent book festival in the nation – the The Decatur Book Festival. Come visit me on Saturday September 1 at Eddie’s Attic, moderating this  panel on memoir and trauma, or Sunday, September 2 at Write Club Atlanta, in which we will get down and get performative! And then there are so…

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So, Katharine Weber and I had this weird idea…

Which isn’t that weird because it’s a good idea, and the esteemed Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie, put our idea into action. What would happen if two memoir writers, who had high standards for memoir craft, and were good friends with reading lists that some might call unusual, got together and asked each other the…

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Hello world!

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