Support from the Insect World

Okay, technically Arachnids, but I loved this. M. came home from his walk around the neighborhood and called for me to come outside. In the (very dried-up from drought) Lillies of the Valley outside the kitchen door, this was making a fabulous web. We loved it so much I went inside and looked it up,…

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Forward and Backward

It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards. This from “Alice Through The Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll. Chapter Five, Wool and Water, if you really want to go that far with

Living Two Lives

How to make time to write when you are a writer who is working at a day job? The kind of day job you largely enjoy, except, well, it takes all day and then some? Some excellent advice in the anthology “Telling True Stories,” which has (in addition to amazing craft essays), a terrific essay…

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Getting the Visual

Two nights ago I was packing away the music in the piano bench so that the movers could take the Henry Miller upright grand piano back to my Mom’s (so we can move the bed into the living room so that the builders can tear out the back wall of the house so we can…

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Oh, hai.

I check this site way more often than I should admit to. But lately I’ve been needing a laugh. Like every hour or so. Oh, hai. I am at it again.


“I am waiting, I am waiting, for you (for you), waiting for someone to come out of somewhere.” Okay, more arcane lyrics,** but sometimes (often) that’s how I think. Every writing conference I’ve ever attended, every working writer I know, says that the minute your manuscript goes out, you have to give it over to…

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Lyrics That Kept You Up at Night

When I was a little kid, the Beatles’ song “Eight Days A Week” kept me up at night. I loved the song, but the lyrics made my brain hurt. Did people in England have one more day in the week than us? What would that day be called? Were there fewer hours in their days…

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